Sunday, April 23, 2006

Web 2.0 for E-Govenance

Blogging, Tagging, Photosharing, Micro Financiang, Stupidity etc from useful to useless Web 2.0 is making a mark in probably every aspect of modern society. Then why not use it for public voice.

Web 2.0 for E-Governance

Voting for Mandate or Ideology
Time has taught us that no party is perfect nor is any single candidate. It is the policies and reforms that they act on that make a difference. Hense
policies and public reforms seem to be more important than parties and people.

A citizen adressal system where people can raise issues of concern and citizens can vote them can be useful in this context.

The Clitizen Addressal System
- A web portal/application that allows citizens to suggest change for public policy and reforms.
- Allows citizens to add sub-sugesstions under major areas.
- Allows citizens to vote for issues of concern to them.
- Involves traditional media in looking at the issue boards and bring to public notice if the issues have been addresed.
- Creates a mechanism to ensure that full participation from all sections of the society is made paossible

As the usage of such a platform increases so will its value. Parties in the democracy will be forced to at least look at the sugesstions from citizens and include them in their mandate. And agendas that do not address major issues posed by citizens will automatically come under public question.

Such of form of interactive democracy can be a good use of Web 2.0, Social Webs etc etc etc


Femi Oshagbemi said...

Great post and idea. I'm surprised government is yet to embrace collaborative and social aspects of web 2.0

Dan Foley said...

I like this. I'm the guy who want to program it. Are you interested?