Sunday, September 10, 2006

Make it your own -Ipod Shuffle Tips and Tricks

Make it your Own - Your Art on Your Shuffle
I bought the shuffle so that I could play some good music with jogging sessions. I had a Sony Walkman sports walkman earlier but the shuffle is much lighter and does not have any moving parts that will stop working. The extreme simplicity of the shuffle just makes you want to modify it.

Ever since I got my new Shuffle I could not help but think of new ways to make it my own. Here is how to make your shuffle showcase your experessions. This method is non destructive , and you can repeat it as may times you like.

What you will need:Clear Tape, a marker pen and a Blade

Step 1 - Cover the Shuffle with clear tape
  • Remove the USB cover
    • Paste clear tape from the usb end to the opposite usb end over the face and back of the shuffle
    • Use a blade to cut out a line around the on/off switch to let it move and a make a small hole in the tape around the headphone socket.
    Step 2 - Draw your stuff
    Draw your art on the shuffle [on clear tape] with any perma-ink marker.
    Step 3- Protect Your Art and the Shuffle
    Paste a second layer of tape over the shuffle.
    Thats it!! your Done. Now, yes show Off, only you have this shuffle on the planet

    I have used only black you may try colors too . and post the results.

    Time taken: 5 Minutes
    Items Required: Clear Tape, Perma Marker, Scissors /Blade
    Benefit: Non-Destructive, Repeat it again with a new art by just peeling off the old tape.
    Caution: I have not removed the tape , I guess when I do it may leave some glue but I am hoping to wash it off with a coth/cotton diped in some soap. So do it at your own risk

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